18-foot python tries entering the family bedroom

Homeowners repel an 18-foot python that attempts to enter the family bedroom by crawling across the roof

A neighbor of the household first saw the light-colored snake in the early hours of the day. It evidently tried to enter the home through a bedroom window that was left open.

The terrified family members battled against the enormous reptile with a broom handle.

Finally, it fell 20 feet onto the hood of a car that was parked outside the house.

The neighbor claimed that the snake made an "almighty thud" on the ground since it was so heavy.

The huge snake was initially spotted by Jenny Warwick crawling across the roof of the home next to hers.

"When I first noticed the object on the roof, I assumed it was a plastic tube, but then I noticed that its head was moving. I informed Steven, my spouse, but he said, "Don't be ridiculous." My dog, Rodney, was barking like crazy and driving me crazy "Jenny stated.

The snake was given to a neighbor who had kept snakes in her home after it fell from the roof.