$1800 increase in Social Security income  for retirees in 2023

A Social Security payment that has been adjusted for inflation

Some chance of relief from exorbitant prescription drug costs are on the horizon

As the price of petrol groceries and rent rise inflation is particularly harsh on lower-income consumers including the millions of retirees who have little saved up

Early projections indicate that people receiving Social Security payments should expect a payout that is between 8 and 9 higher in 2023 as a result of rising inflation.

A $1800 annual bonus for retirees is possible

Based on an example for current benefits of 1656 per month a retiree could receive an extra 150 per month if Social Security receives a 9%cost of living adjustment for the upcoming year

In this case, a cost-of-living adjustment would be an extra $1800 year

To receive the official cost of living adjustment we must wait until October.

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