Actress Robyn Griggs Dies at 49

Soap actor Robyn Griggs passed away.

The actress was best popular for Another World and One Life to Live

The news of the actress's passing was announced on her page on Facebook on the weekend 13 August

It was also on this profile that Robyn, who was also known by her name of Robyn Griggs Wiley over the last few years, shared about her battle with cervical cancer.

This eventually led to her passing away.

Griggs was born in 1973. She started her career in children's theatre productions, before making an appearance in Nickelodeon's previous program Rated K.

Griggs The time she spent on both shows lasted from the years 1991 to 1995 which makes them her final big TV roles.

Through the 2000s and the early the decade of 2010, Griggs appeared in films and videos, such as Minds of Terror and Hellweek.