Boston Celtics Have the Worst Visiting Locker Room in NBA

Connaughton provided an in-depth breakdown of the worst visiting locker room in the NBA.

Connaughton says that he believes the Boston Celtics have the worst visiting locker room in NBA.

"The Boston Celtics locker room is the worst visiting team locker room in the entire NBA," Connaughton said.

Robinson also agreed with Connaughton's comment about the Celtics' locker room.

"If you walked in and you said, ‘This is a high school locker room,’ I would say, ‘That’s a really s—– high school locker room,'" Robinson said.

Both Connaughton and Duncan said that the Celtics' visiting locker room has old-school ice baths that aren't usable.

They also added that the top of the shower heads is basically broken off.

Connaughton and Duncan also praised the Golden State Warriors. Because they have the best visiting locker room in the NBA