How To Make A Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim?

If you face a water leakage or damage problem and you want to bring it under insurance cover, see how to claim it.

There are different types of water leakage or damage, sudden and accidental due to natural calamities, gradual and caused by regular wear-and-tear, etc.

First of all, check carefully what your insurance company covers. Read their policy carefully.

How to make a successful water leak insurance claim?

5 Steps to follow to claim water leak insurance.

Step 1 : Check your insurance company policy and what covers it.

Step 2 :Take photos before and after repairs.

Step 3 : Always work with a contractor or specialist and take estimates from him.

Step 4 : Keep all information ready like how it was damaged, receipt of repairing cost, date, when you contacted insurance representative.

Step 5 : Then claim your water leak insurance with the gathered information.