Knicks unwilling to do anything with Julius Randle

Knicks seem that they no longer want anything to do with Julius Randle after a disappointing season.

However, they are not willing to do whatever it takes to move him either.

Once Julius Randle was one of the most impressive players of the 2020-21 NBA season.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep his performance like before.

The Knicks are suffering the decline. Now they are ready to make changes to bounce back, and moving the All-Star might be one of them.

But it is not easy to find a new home for him as no team seems to be interested in his lucrative contract.

New York, meanwhile, wouldn’t be willing to do an extra effort to ship him either.

The Knicks are certainly dissatisfied with Randle, but that doesn’t mean they want to move him at all costs.

But Randle could still prove everyone wrong. It’s up to him to put all the pieces together and get back to his best.