NASCAR Champion Bobby Labonte told about a scary health issue

Bobby Labonte is NASCAR Cup Series Champion.

Bobby Labonte won the Cup Series in 2000 driving for Joe Gibbs Racing.

He shared an incident about his health & also some scary health issues.

He said that once he went to the doctor in 2019 because he wasn't feeling well.

The doctors examined & saw a spot on his kidney and told him to monitor it.

But the spot had tripled in size a couple of years later.

The doctor said that the surgery was necessary.

After successful surgery, Labonte was informed he had an aggressive form of cancer.

"A lot of emotions came over me at that time because I was relieved but then also like, wow, that’s crazy because one-third of the patients that are diagnosed with this don’t make it," he said.

"Usually, I’m not the share type of guy and you won’t know a lot of things about me, but it didn’t take me long to figure out if we could help one person, just help one person, man. …. There’s a ton of cancers out there that can be treatable for sure and this was one if you catch it early, like we did, we were fortunate enough to be able to take care of it."

Labonte works as an analyst for Fox Sports and has since been back racing since the spot was removed.

The NASCAR world is very happy to have him back.