NFL World Reaction To The Aaron Rodgers Painkiller News

The regular season is a long process. Many players play with their injuries, including the league's star quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers star, recently disclosed to Joe Rogan about how he's played on the painkiller Percocet before.

"Among other things, Aaron Rodgers said that he’s played games on Percocet before, which he later admitted was a bad idea," Dov Kleiman wrote.

"Here we go with the storylines from the "nonathletes" If you play this collision, gladiator sport... It's a HIGH chance you got sumthin in ur system," one fan wrote.

"If NFL players being whacked out on painkillers in-game is news to you, I’m not sure what to tell ya," another fan added.

"Aaron Rodgers' psychedelic tour was definitely not on my bingo card for this upcoming season..." another fan wrote.