Security expert urges to update your Apple devices immediately

According to BlackCloak CEO Chris Pierson, you should update your Apple devices.

Recently, Apple issued a series of security updates, informing that the company discovered a vulnerability that affects many of its devices, from iPads to iPhones to Apple Watches.

Affected products also include computers, as macOS Monterey, iOS, and Safari are all also at-risk.

“The main message on this to everyone is that if you have not updated your device, you are 100% vulnerable right now, so go immediately update it,” Pierson told Yahoo Finance Live

Though Apple didn’t disclose too many details about the security vulnerabilities.

“One is something called ‘The Colonel,’” he said. “Think about The Colonel as the heart and brains of every Apple device – that a fundamental flaw in it could allow any external attacker, used by a nation-state intelligence agency, the ability to access your entire device.”

All your files and pictures are vulnerable. Even your camera’s susceptible, Pierson added. But that’s not all.