Unique New Burgers On McDonald’s Menu 

American brand McDonald's is a reliable fast food pick for as long as they can remember.

ContSome new menus are being introduced at McDonald's restaurants in Singapore.ents of the Story

They introduced two new sandwiches called Laksa Delight.

And, they introduced a spicy Southeast Asian noodle soup dish called Laksa that is made with coconut milk

The Laksa Delight Prawn Burger is a fried shrimp patty topped with an egg, lettuce, purple cabbage.

And the Laksa Delight Chicken Burger simply swaps out the shrimp patty for chicken.

They also introduced on their menu The Teh C Frappe features Teh-C, a tea popular in Singapore and Malaysia that's flavored with evaporated milk. It is topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.

They also introduced another local menu which is the Pulut Hitam pie, which features purple sticky rice and coconut cream.

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