Why are Airplanes Painted White? 4 Reasons to Know

We see most of the passengers' airplanes are painted with white colors.

Many of us don't know the reasons. See the reasons.

The white or light colors reflect sunlight. But other colors absorb most of the sunlight and heat up the body of an airplane.

#1. The white color reflects sunlight.

The white color does not fade. So, it reduces painting costs.

#2. The white color doesn’t fade

For safety reasons, commercial aircraft are regularly checked for forms of surface damage such as cracks and dents. This type of damage or cracks is easily noticed in white color.

#3. The white color allows signs of damage to be detected more easily.

A bird strike can be a significant threat to aircraft safety. So, to avoid this threat white color is painted so that birds can easily see the airplanes in the air.

#4. The white color reduces bird strikes.

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